The importance of ad hoc troubleshooting

In many cases there are some unexpected faults like damage caused by thunderstroke, wind, water or other storm conditions. Our experiences that this troubleshooting of the unexpected faults as essential as planned preventive maintenance. Sometimes immediately field-work, visual inspection or intervention are required to avoid a major production loss or communication error.

The advantages of ad hoc troubleshooting

Minimization of the production losses

In the course of our activity, due to the continuous production monitoring, the change in the production curve can be seen immediately. By the time you detect the error, we have already begun the on-site repair.

Continuous production monitoring

Continuous production is monitored every day of the week, from 0 to 24 hours, thus ensuring profitable production.

Field-work within 24 hours

Our company undertakes to start on-site troubleshooting within 24 hours in the event of a production failure. In the case of our full-service package, there are guaranteed no additional costs or hidden fees along with the monthly fee!

The importance of troubleshooting in numbers

About our services

The range of failures is extremely wide. Our company is prepared to respond immediately. This means that regardless of distance, we undertake to begin investigating and resolving the error within 24 hours. Our skilled team and unique machinery are ready to act as quickly as it possible.

During troubleshooting, we perform the following acts:

Our competencies

Our company has an official service partnership and system partner with the Fronius and we also have significant experience in repairing and maintaining inverters sold by many other manufacturers (Huawei, Growatt, SolarEdge, Sungrow,). Due to the fact that the solar parks we operate are equipped with different types of inverters, we are in daily contact with the Hungarian Huawei representative office and thanks to them we have mastered the various service processes.

If you are interested in the topic, do not hesitate, call our qualified consultant!

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Frequently Asked Questions

In case that your solar park is operated by a professional company you should not call someone because the operating company sees if there is a fault. If you do not have an operator you must report the problem immediately. This is the only way to avoid major production losses.

The existence of a manufacturer’s guarantee is calming for everyone. However, warranty repairs can take a long time if the defect is not detected in time. The quickest possible solution is that the operating company handle warranty matters through its relations.

The answer for this question is yes and no. There are some faults that can be repaired by everyone because it does not require special skills but there are also problems that require a qualified professional with an electrical substation operator qualification to solve. The question is do you want to devote your own energies to this?

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