Area Caring

Area Caring

Why is it worth dealing with the care of the area?

Continuous maintenance of the area of the solar park area is one of the most basic operational tasks that requires almost constant intervention. A shade-free, interoperable, tidy area is required to ensure the maximum productivity of a solar park. This means that continuous care of the area is essential.

Perhaps one of the most banal and continuous tasks is the lawn moving which is important for shading the solar panels. It is not uncommon that the grass grows up to a human height in a poorly maintained solar park and this causes a degree of shade on solar panels and this can result a 20% loss of the power. In the long term the increased undergrowth can ruin the panels because it can cause cell burn on them.

Benefits of the professional area caring

Remove shading

With the frequent or at least 3-4 times in a year the professional lawn mowing contributes the optimal productivity of the solar park.

Pay attention to the panels

Our experiences that the lawn mowing and the area caring cannot be done with everything and in every way. Doing this task, a requires a special lawn mower which is specially developed for this purpose and prevents the panel from crushing. This is important because the upper part of the panels is free of scratches and bumps but the surface on their back is particularly sensitive to shocks and can be destroyed by even a pebble bump.

Providing a tidy, interoperable area

Keeping the fast-growing grass, which often grows higher than human height, in a constant control is a basic condition for the maintenance of the park and for the necessary troubleshooting and repairing. In case of our full O&M package, there are guaranteed no additional costs or hidden fees along with the monthly fee!

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Area caring in numbers

About our service

Lawn mowing and other vegetation - related activities

The area caring of a well-maintained, well-produced solar park encompasses several important sub-activities. The professional lawn mowing involves removing stronger vegetation, such as shrub cutting, pruning smaller trees, and chemical weed controlling if it is necessary. With regular lawn mowing, we can achieve that the tall vegetation is not dominated in the park so the park will have a grassy area.

That is why we do the area caring tasks regularly but at least 3-4 times in a year.

Technologies that we use

Lawn mowing in open areas and between panels is done with Avant and John Deer and with a special lawn mower called a straw chopper that protects the panels.

If you are interested in the topic, do not hesitate, call our qualified consultant!

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Frequently Asked Questions

An average small solar plant with a capacity of 0.5 MW is located on about 1-1.5 hectares. Due to the large area, it is advisable to mow with a tractor-mounted mower between the rows.

Under the panels and around the support structure, machine mowing is not feasible. These delicate areas can be reached with a hand mower with adequate efficiency and safety.

It is important that the lawing around the panels is done by competent, experienced personnel, because the mower is not a large investment, careful attention and expertise are essential in this work. Cutting a cable due to a single stone bump or an unfortunate movement can cause serious damage in the panels. And for such unfortunate “coincidences,” the owner can pay a serious price.

The weeds are stubborn guests. It soon dominates the area at its disposal and can even grow to human height. it is almost impossible to get rid of it permanently, but chemical weed control with a special, environmentally friendly active ingredient can be a good solution for its permanent elimination.

Grazing of the animals can be cheap, striking, environmentally friendly solution at first but the owner of the solar park can easily pay a high price for it. The fur of the animals circulates in the air and enters the ventilation grilles of the inverter of the solar panels, and then sticks in them almost inexorably, that is why it leads first to a decrease in power and then to the failure of the panels.

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