Panel Washing

Panel Washing

Why is the panel washing important?

Keeping the panels of solar parks clean is not just an aesthetic issue. Thick dust on the surface of the panels, grass clipping during mowing, or falling leaves significantly reduce the production of the photovoltaic panels, which causes a reduction in performance even in a short term. For achieve the maximum of the production, not just the area caring, but a soft water machine wash is also required, which is recommended to be done at least once a year in order to preserve the condition of the panels and optimize the production.

The advantages of the soft water machine washing.

Avoiding of the degradation

A solar park is a long-term investment, that is why it is important to keep it in a good condition with small and large works. The droppings of the birds dry on the panels and it causes burn in the panels, which degrades economic performance. Soft water washing in the first 2-3 years may not show a significant change, but in 10 years it will. With regular machine washing, this can be prevented and you can tell with a calm heart that you have done everything to preserve the condition of your solar park.

Elimination of external effects due to location

If the solar park is built near a dirt road, there is a grain dryer in the neighbourhood, a stream flows next to it, it is spread along an orchard or it is located on the territory of a factory, more common washing is necessary. The constant traffic of implements near the dirt road increases the amount of dust in the air, which usually lands on the panels and it is also true for the grain dryer. Along the stream and along the orchard, the presence of beetles and birds is increased.

Washing of the film layer caused by rainwater

A lot of people think that rainwater cleans solar panels. This is unfortunately a misconception! However, keep in mind that rainwater is not clean water, so it can form a film layer on the panels. The soft water machine cleaning results in brilliant cleanliness, it does not leave stains and does not damage in the panels. There are some solar parks which are in a favourable area, which is less exposed to dirt, and less airborne dust, so it makes the panels look cleaner. In the case of our full-service package, there are guaranteed no additional costs or hidden fees along with the monthly fee!

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The value of the panel washing

About our service

Panel washing is an important factor for investors

A wash is made up of a few important things

If there is a possibility to take water in the park, we will soften the water there. We can also carry soft water, so the park owner does not have to worry if there is no water available in the park. We use a special washing brush mounted on the tractor and, if it necessary, we also undertake gentle chemical washing.

It is advisable to do the washing in order to:

Technologies we use

The washing is done with a special Sunbrush panel cleaner that can be mounted on an Avant machine and it easily removes even heavier dirt. Due to its design, the brush does not damage the surface of the panel. The easy handling helps to avoid work-related injuries.

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Frequently Asked Questions

In the case of solar power plants installed on the ground with the capacity of 0.5 MW-20 MW-100 MW and the distance is at least 2.4 m between the rows, machine washing can be used. However, even in this case, it is important to visually inspect the park, as space is also needed at the end of the rows because the tractor needs to turn around.

If the park is easily accessible and the rows are contiguous, machine washing, like manual washing, is extremely efficient but much faster. Keep in mind that this operation also protects the solar panels against degradation. In the case of machine washing, our daily capacity for panel washing is 2MW.

For the maintenance of solar panels installed on the roofs of buildings with a capacity of less than 0.5 MW, we recommend manual washing, or in parks where the line spacing is very small and the washing equipment does not fit.

Who keeps the panel clean can say that he/she has done everything to achieve long-term, optimal operation. Of course, this is like the issue of car washing divides people. Some people wash their car shiny every day, and of course there are those who only wash it once every 2-3 months. Some people only clean it if they see dirt, possibly bird dirt on the car. Undoubtedly, the dirt on the solar panels will cause a loss of production.

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