About Us

About Us

What you should know about us?

We founded our company, the Proaktív Plusz Kft. in 2017.

At the beginning of the company we hoped in the creation of value for all our customers.

We do our tasks with customer focus that is why we search the best solution in every situation and we represent our customer in all the problems of the solar parks.

We just call this like “We carry the flag”.

Our main peculiarity is the proactivity, because we believe that a service has a high quality when the service provider acts not only in a “fire-fighting manner” when it is necessary, but also solves problems independently.

Because of these thoughts our company name became the Proaktív Plusz Kft.

Our main task is to maximize the production of solar plants. We operate turnkey with the tools and instruments selected for the type of the given system. Thanks to our unique machine park in Northern Hungary, we perform professional maintenance.

Our expertise at your service!


Put your burden on us!

What can we do for you?

We solve all the task of your solar park so your park can be treated as a development, not an endless to-do list.

The owner of the solar park should not spend his/her time with the constantly monitoring the performance of the park and dealing with malfunctions or even administrative matters. That is why we are offer a “turnkey” solution.

Our team is available for you every day so you can be sure that your system in complete safety and your problem will not remain unresolved for days.


Tegye át vállunkra terheit!

Why you should choose us?

In case of the total o&m of the solar parks, the subtasks are in one hand like:

We think with your head!


Szezonális akciók

Fronius szervízpartnerség

Több éve Fronius Magyarországi szervizpartnerek vagyunk, és együttműködésünknek köszönhetően 2020-tól hivatalos System partnerekké váltunk, mely minősítésnek köszönhetően a Fronius hivatalos, proponált szervizelőket tartalmazó listájában is feltüntetésre kerültünk.


Napelempark üzemeltetés „kulcsrakészen”!

Our strengths

We have the expertise and the required experiment for the full O&M with our own specialists, suitable machinery and equipment.

We can provide you with specialists for all types of failures, as our team includes all the necessary qualified staff like electrician, substation operator, inverter installer or safety technician.

We undertake to go to the solar parks within 24 hours and without any restrictions, and we start the troubleshooting. We can offer a solution to any type of problem for the owner.

Professional attitude
The maximalization of production
Quick administration

Our services

"Turnkey" operation of solar park


Full O&M

We have the expertise which is required for the full “Turnkey”  Operations & Maintenance of solar parks.


Preventive maintenance

With the planned maintenance we avoid the breakdowns by repairing the problematic tools immediately.



Sometimes an immediate field-work is needed to avoid a major loss of production.


Area Caring

A clean, tidy area is needed in a solar park and it is essential to take care of this area.


Panel washing

The dust on the surface of the solar panels can reduce the efficiency of the production.



In our administration service, we undertake full-scale administration thus easing the administrative burden on the customer.

Our Team

Our company is prepared to the operation properly and to react immediately if it is necessary.


Tóth József

Executive manager


Sári Virgínia

COO – Chief Operations Officer

Phone number: +36 30 214 8911
E-mail address: office@napelem-uzemeltetes.hu


Szőke István

Technical leader

Phone number: +36 70 321 4700
E-mail address: muszak@napelem-uzemeltetes.hu

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