Full O&M

Full O&M

What does the full O&M mean us?

In case of full O&M we do all the tasks of your solar park. If a fault is detected in the production, we will report it immediately to the competent person and then we start the fault detection and administration.

In all cases we undertake to start troubleshooting within 24 hours regardless of distance.

We attend the specifics of the area and system and we also do not just the planned maintenance but the panel washing, mowing the lawn, controlling the measurements and the thermal imaging.

We also do all the administrative tasks like compulsory data service or any other important questions.

To sum up, our premium service package offers you a complex solution, that we fully guarantee.

The advantages of the full O&M

Full risk bearing

In case of our premium package of services we accept responsibility and the risk for the O&M of the solar parks included the field-work fee and wages. According to our costumers the premium package is the most optimal and economic solution because the terms of value for money and the reaction time are significantly more favourable than in the case of ordering services separately.

Troubleshooting within 24 hours

The time is money. Every knows this proverb but in a money-making, profitable solar park, this is an exponentially important factor. Losing time means losing money. Whether it is warranty service or occasional failure, our company undertakes to start troubleshooting within 24 hours.

"Turnkey" operation

In the premium package, our costumers have to enter into the contract and make the technical documentation available to us. After the acceptance of the area all administration, maintenance and troubleshooting are performed independently by us. We send information to our customers about planned and performed maintenance, as well as several summary operation reports every year.

In the case of our full-service premium package, there are guaranteed no additional costs or hidden fees in addition to the monthly fee!

What do the numbers say? How should you calculate?

About our services

Ask for a personalized package offer!

We can also make a personalized offer for you! Every customer’s vision, needs and requirements are different, and each built system is related to different parameters. Take time for your solar park and a personal meeting where we will work out the details of the service package which works best for you.

Our competences and applied technologies

Our company has an official service partnership and system partner with the Fronius and we also have significant experience in repairing and maintaining inverters sold by many other manufacturers (Huawei, Growatt, SolarEdge, Sungrow,). Due to the fact that the solar parks we operate are equipped with different types of inverters, we are in daily contact with the Hungarian Huawei representative office and thanks to them we have mastered the various service processes.

If you are interested in the topic, do not hesitate, call our qualified consultant!

Hörcsik Tamás

Sales representative

Tamás Hörcsik Sales Representative Call me! +36 70 431 8257

Or contact our office in person, Monday to Friday from 8:00 to 16:00!

Frequently Asked Questions

If you have already built a solar system, you have already chosen a contractor. If you have done this carefully, and you have chosen the right ones from more than 200 companies, then most of the construction companies will undertake operation in many cases. It is important to know that there is a big difference between the construction and operation of solar parks. You may want to choose an operator who offers a full service for a monthly fee and not just availability.

The following are worth considering of the offers.

-it specially, focuses exclusively on this task

-it has adequate expertise and machinery

-it offers a full range of operation

-it has references and experience in the field of operation

-it does not give the cheapest offer because there will be hidden costs in it

– who is recommended by others, because then the service worked for them as well

Some people decide that if they already have 2-3 solar parks, they will cut into operation. If we only look at the above-mentioned lawn mowing and area maintenance, it is already worth considering in this case as well. Just think about how much investment it takes to buy and maintain a tractor and the tools you need to mow. In how many years will this investment show a return? Of course, it is not necessary to buy a tractor, because you can also take care of the area with a manual lawn mower, but it takes much longer. An equipped company for operation already has the right tools and machines. It is advisable to entrust this activity by an operator, the occasional breakdowns and planned maintenance only by a qualified electrician.

It is not enough for the owner to look at production from time to time. 24-hour IT oversight is essential. The identification of error messages is also essential for the professional correction of production anomalies. The full O&M also includes that the operator ensuring profitable production through continuous production monitoring. A quick reaction is very important, because on a sunny day the owner of the solar park can lose a significant amount due to a loss of production.

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