The importance of preventive maintenance

In order to ensure the optimal operation of the solar system and to prevent breakdowns, periodic maintenance is undoubtedly necessary, which includes, for example, scheduled inspections of built-in devices (eg. panels, cables, screws, brackets) or tightening of loose screws with torque wrenches.

In our experience, planned preventive maintenance is essential, nearly 70% of errors are due to an invisible problem, which can usually only be identified and avoided in the future with the necessary measurements or inspections.

The main advantages of the preventive maintenance

We can prevent failures

Scheduled maintenance avoids unexpected failures, as if an error is detected in the system, the part will be repaired / replaced.

More balanced production

Based on our experience and customer feedback, we can say that regularly maintained parks result in significantly more balanced and higher production.

Scheduled maintenance

Thanks to our maintenance protocol, we schedule work for different times of the year and make sure we do not hinder production. In the case of our full-service package, there are guaranteed no additional costs or hidden fees in addition to the monthly fee!

Benefits of planned preventive maintenance

About our service

Planned preventive maintenance activities

The maintenance of a for-profit solar park consists of several tasks.

During the scheduled inspection, in addition to the inspection of the equipment and components affecting production, we also prioritize the inspections related to area protection and safety technology. All in all, we can say that due to regular maintenance, there are fewer failures, and the solar park produces more evenly.

What else we do during maintenance:

Technologies we use

The measurements are performed with a Testo 872 thermal imager, which can undoubtedly filter out 100% of the faults.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Many people may not even think about it, but maintenance is also essential for a newly started, newly connected park. In many cases, loss of implementation is revealed that require care at the beginning. With the end of the construction and the connection, the care does not end, but begins. Our service offers a solution for this.

The existence of a manufacturer’s guarantee is calming for everyone. However, warranty repairs can take a long time if the defect is not detected in time. The quickest possible solution is that the operating company handle warranty matters through its relations.

The answer for this question is yes and no. There are some faults that can be repaired by everyone because it does not require special skills but there are also problems that require a qualified professional with an electrical substation operator qualification to solve. The question is do you want to devote your own energies to this?

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