Administration in connection with the solar park

In our administration service, we undertake full-scale administration of MAVIR (including E-SZEM, MKp), MEKH, DSO, thus easing the administrative burden on the customer. We assist and coordinate MAVIR invoicing and scheduling and the fulfilment of mandatory reporting obligations. We also provide administration of warranty and other assets.

After the contract has been concluded, we will appoint your administrator, who will always be at your disposal, from the obligatory tasks to answer the questions that are important for you.

We are constantly monitoring the changes of the market and the legislation; we will inform you about it first-hand, so you have up-to-date information of the current issues affecting your system.

When is administration required?

At the commissioning of the solar park

You can also entrust us with the commissioning project of solar parks, during which we actively participate in the necessary contracts and agreements with the electricity supplier, compile the documentation which is necessary for the commissioning, prepare the commissioning protocol and coordinate the actual commissioning. During the approval of the commissioning of the solar park, we compile the complete documentation in accordance with the legal regulations and send it to the territorially competent Government Office. If it is required, we can also help with the registration of the E-utility.

Switching on, trial operation

Before the switching on, we can help in the administration related to the energy receipt during the test run. From requesting MAVIR and MEKH registrations, through agreements with the electricity supplier, to E-SZEM administration, we help the switching on.

After switching on

From the coordination of scheduling and data services, to the warranty administration, to the summary reports and office administration, you can count on us in all questions. In the case of our full-service package, there are guaranteed no additional costs or hidden fees along with the monthly fee!

The value of the administrative service

The value of our administration service is reflected in time savings, with which we offer relief. By relief, we mean that you do not have to spend minutes for doing paperwork. This freedom can be very easily benefited even if we do not look at its financial side.

Other administrative activities

Other administrative activities

We will provide you with all the information obligations, as well as the administration related to scheduling. Regarding to the scheduling tasks, we are in contact with several scheduling companies, thanks to which we have discounts. We also undertake the administration of all devices built into the solar park, which can be panel, inverter, transformer station or security technology, internet. We ask for the necessary authorizations at the time of concluding the contract, so we can help immediately if it necessary.

Our administrative activities include:

Our competence

Our colleagues do the production supervision 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Not only the total performance of the solar park is monitored, but the performance of the inverters and statistics are performed at the same location with the same solar parks which has the same parameters.

If you are interested in the topic, do not hesitate, call our qualified consultant!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Our company was established with the aim of providing a solution to these. If the owner only monitors the production, that does not solve the problem. It is worth entrusting production supervision to expert hands because the detection of a defect in our company is followed by immediate action. This way you can know your solar park is in safe.

The existence of a manufacturer’s guarantee is calming for everyone. However, warranty repairs can take a long time if the defect is not detected in time. The quickest possible solution is that the operating company handle warranty matters through its relations.

From April 1, 2020, legislative changes came into force regarding scheduling. Power plants are required to forecast their schedules, which means the amount of energy charged into the electricity system. Under Government Decree 389/2007, producers were still entitled to a bonus value. This bonus is based on 370/2019. (XII. 30.) has been deleted and the prepared timetable will result in the payment of a surcharge. It is therefore very important for the power plant owners to choose a scheduling company that will end the scheduling with full surcharge takeover.

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