Full O&M

Start of contract

January 2020


Bekes County, Hungary
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Presentation of our cooperation

We came in contact through damage caused by a storm when the secondary effects of the lightning strike caused the communication to break down and damage to several devices. Our client visited us due to insurance administration and warranty administration, which error was successfully remedied. In connection with the precise, fast, and professional repair, the customer trusted us so in January 2020 we were entrusted with the operation of 1MW. At that time, the park had been operating for 2 years.

After the contract, the communication and inverter faults detected, production and monitoring were restored. Due to the specifics of the park, continuous green area maintenance is extremely important because the panels are located low relative to the ground. According to the request of our client, we undertook mowing which included 5 occasions in 2020.

Despite the long distance (more than 300 km), we can perform the full O&M here as well, so in the event of a breakdown, we will always hold the disembarkation within 24 hours for our customer. The washing is performed by softening the water in the park.

Features of the solar park

Small power plant made of polycrystalline panels (approx. 2,200 pieces) There are low-lying panels, so common lawn mowing is very important. Due to the proximity of the stream, there are a lot of insects, so the panels get dirty quickly.

How could we help?

In connection with warranty administration, troubleshooting, and then precise, fast, and professional occasional repair and the customer trusted us. We mainly contributed to the balanced production by maintaining the green area and washing the panels.

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Hörcsik Tamás

Sales representative

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