Full O&M

Start of contract

January 2018


Borsod-Abaúj-Zemplén county, Hungary
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Presentation of our cooperation

Already in the construction phase, our client visited several operators to find the most optimal solution for him. He wanted a full O&M service for not worrying about maintenance.

After contract, we started the operation in this solar park before switching on. This is the best possible choice, because the shortcomings of the contractors could have been remedied at the same time as the handover. With the start of the park we encountered several panel errors and inverter errors:

  • fuse failure in inverters
  • hanging, unsecured fixed cables
  • bad panel srting allocation

The improper electrical connections caused a failure. Because of these “loose” joints, the contractor was recalled several times, which we coordinated with our client.

The communication was not set up properly, so we had to rebuild the communication system with another service provider.

The protection setting of the transformer station was not correct and this resulted in frequent shutdowns. As a solution we consulted with your local service provider and changed the security settings.

Features of the park

Solar park with polycrystalline panels (approx. 2,200). A long dirt road leads to the park, which is difficult to access.

How could we help?

Guarantee service
Warranty replacement of the transformer station
Replacing panels
Repair and connection of safety technology
Warranty repair of inverters
Area caring

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Sales representative

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